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Our Farm

Hannah and Eyal Izrael are the founders of Carmey Avdat – one of the farms established on the Wine Route in the Negev near Sde Boker in the heart of the Negev Highlands. The farm is located on the remains of a 1500-year old agricultural settlement on the path of the ancient Spice Route.

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The Winery

We have planted our modern-day vineyard on the remains of the ancient terraces, taking care to preserve the archeological remains of the former vineyard. When it rains the vineyard is irrigated by the floodwaters – exactly as it was in ancient times. We harvested our first yield in 2002. Our entire family takes part in the winemaking process, beginning with the harvest of the grapes, the crushing, and ending with the bottling of the wine.

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The Cabins

Carmey Avdat offers guests an opportunity to experience the beauty, tranquility and serenity of the Negev desert. Our cabins are built and designed with the theme of the desert and its panorama in mind. Each of our cabins is uniquely designed with simplicity and elegance, and special features such as cobblestone floors, hewn stone bathtubs, and natural wood reflect the simplicity and tranquility of the desert surroundings.

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Photo: Tal Glick
Social involvment project logo
Photo: Juti
Photo: Juti

Social Involvement Project

Carmey Avdat Farm is participating in Social B&Bs – a new and unique social concept.  We believe that your vacation will be more enjoyable if it has additional social significance and contributes to the welfare of others, and we therefore decided to promote the idea of Social B&Bs. 

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