For a light meal, groceries such as bread, pasta, eggs, vegetables, varieties of goat and cow cheese, spreads in different tastes, wine, ice cream, cold drinks and beer can be purchased at the farm store.


There is an option for an authentic culinary experience for guests who prefer to eat on the farm - featuring meals cooked in the traditional desert way.


We supply the pot.  You supply the ingredients and charcoal, (charcoal can be purchased at the farm as well)

and prepare your own meal on the barbecue next to your zimmer. 

The service is free of charge. 

The area offers a variety and mixture of local cuisine, fast food, bars and restaurants.


Our guests are welcome to contact us for recommendations.

We recommend contacting the establishment prior to your visit.


Food in the Farm
In the Area

For additional information visit the Negev Highlands Tourism office website.

Where to Eat

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