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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Desert Estate Carmey Avdat located?
  • Are meals available for guests in the cabins?
    Yes, breakfast is served in the cabins.
  • Are vegetarian or vegan breakfasts available?
    Vegetarian or vegan breakfasts are available upon request.
  • Are lunch and dinner available?
    No. However, guests can borrow a Poyke pot to cook a desert meal outdoors or prepare meals in their cabins. Guests can also eat at one of the restaurants in the area.
  • Is there a grocery store on the farm?
    Yes. Cheese, crackers, wine, beer, Tapenades, bread, eggs, vegetables, and pasta are available. Please ask the staff.
  • Are pets allowed on the farm?
    We regret that there are territorial dogs on the farm and therefore pets are not allowed.
  • How can we arrange a visit to the winery?
    Tours of the winery and wine tasting are conducted by members of the farm staff. Guests in the cabins can arrange a visit to the winery and wine tasting when they arrive.
  • Are the cabins accessible by car?
    The two Garden Cabins are located next to the parking lot. The other cabins are further away and we will bring your belongings in a club car.
  • Are cabins available for Friday night only?
    Weekend bookings are for two nights. If a cabin is free 24 hours beforehand, guests can book for one night.
  • How many people can sleep in the family cabins?
    Family cabins can sleep 5. There is a double bed in the bedroom and three singles beds in the main room.
  • Can a bed be added in the garden or in the superior cabin?
    No, these cabins are for couples without babies only.
  • Are campfires allowed near the cabins?
    There are safe places designated for campfires and wood is available.
  • When are the swimming pools in use?
    The pools can be used from April to November. They can also be filled upon request on warm winter days

Feel free to contact us If you require additional information.


We wish you a pleasant vacation!

The Izrael Family and Farm Staff

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