The Wine Maker

Eyal learned the secrets of winemaking from Yuval Ben-Shoshan from Kibbutz Bror Chayil, and our first wines were produced there. We realized that the wine had to be produced in the same place that the grapes are grown. 


Making wine in a boutique winery allows the winemaker to experiment and try different flavors and processes.  The fascinating process combines cultivating grapes with researching possibilities of producing various wines using different processes.   Our grapes have a unique flavor and aroma that are characteristic of the Negev and differ greatly from grapes grown in other areas.  We attempt to preserve these unique flavors during the winemaking process.


Carmey Avdat is currently adding new varieties of grapes in order to assess additional types of wines that are suitable to the Negev.  We produce Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the classic varieties of grapes that grow on the farm as well as a young, refreshing rosé suitable for summer desert evenings and a light, red wine called Somek.  Our sweet dessert wine is produced by utilizing the extreme desert conditions.


Carmey Avdat's newest wine – Tishrei - is a kosher L'mahadrin wine that is also kosher for Passover.

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