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Ramat Negev Agricultural R&D Center - Discover the Secret of Desert agriculture in Israel

We offer a tour that proudly presents the astounding achievements of Israel and the Ramat Negev Agro-research Center in the development of flourishing agriculture, against all odds in extreme desert conditions, using brackish water in sandy ground. The tour includes :

An exciting movie that describes the cooperation between the development center and farmers, a breathtaking observation point, entrance into the different greenhouses, where we can see the different crops on which experimental work is being conducted; observe the special varieties that have been developed in the R&D center; learn about the pollinating large earth bumblebees; and gain insight into the work of the agronomist and farmer. The tour concludes with an opportunity to taste the crops produced by the R&D Center (according

to season, one or more of the following are available: sweet cherry tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, pomegranates, grapes, herbs, and more).

The tour lasts from about one hour to one and a half hours.

New! Optional viewpoint of the recently-built adjacent thermo-solar power plant at no extra cost and within the same time frame.


Ashalim Solar-Thermal Power Station – A large-scale power plant project at your fingertips

The tour presents the largest solar powered station in Israel that is emerging recently in the area of Ashalim in the Ramat HaNegev Highlands.

Within the framework of the project, three solar power stations will generate 2-2.5% of Israel's electricity consumption. Each station will generate solar energy using a different technology. During the tour, the three types of technologies will be explained, but we will concentrate on

the solar-thermal power station in Plot B, which creates electricity by solarthermal

hybrid tower technology of more than 200 meters high. The tour begins with a bus tour to the power station itself. There we will see the sights, including the high tower, and steam boiler. We will hear about the environmental challenges surrounding this massive project, as well as see the creative solutions that were found. Finally, we will watch a short film which describes the advanced technology and its stages of construction.

The length of the tour is about one hour, and it is fully supervised and guided.

* The tour is by bus only. We will not exit from the bus into the power station field .

* A list of ID numbers must be sent in advance, at least one week prior to the tour, and each participant must bring their passports or IDs with them.

We also offer a combined full visit to both the Agricultural Research Station and the Solar Power Plant.

The combined tour lasts about 2 hours.


Desert Knowledge Path – Agro Center Ashalim

Phone: +972-8-8528852 | Fax: +972-77-4701894

Desert Knowledge Path

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