The Harvest

The first harvest in the vineyard took place in August of 2002. The harvest of the Merlot grapes usually precedes that of the Cabernet Sauvignon by two weeks. The timing of the harvest is extremely important for ensuring the quality of the wine, and is determined by taking samples from the vineyard near the anticipated time of harvest. These samples are checked for sugar concentration, acidity, ripeness of the fruit and are tasted again and again. 
When the time is exactly right, the harvest begins. We telephone our Bedouin neighbors from the surrounding area who help us with the harvest each year. They are joined by high school students on their summer vacation, friends who come to join in the festivities, and guests from the guest cabins who are lucky enough to be here for this special event. 
The grapes are harvested during the early hours of the morning to ensure that they remain cool until they arrive at the winery. Some of the members of the family are already at work in the winery - ready to begin the complex process of preparing the wine.

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