Seasons in Carmey Avdat

The Negev is known for its spectacular and extreme changes from one season to another. 

Winters bring very little rain – an annual average of 60 mm - but when the rain does fall the entire desert comes to life. Water begins to flow, the cisterns fill, wild animals arise, and the spring flowers prepare for their magnificent appearance. 

Spring brings the colorful wildflowers that most of us associate with rainier areas, which fill the desert with their bright colors and attract sightseers. 


Whoever thinks that desert summers are hot, dry, and arid will be surprised! Not in the high Negev mountains! The dryness and the pleasant desert breezes eliminate the need for air conditioning and visitors should bring warm clothing to wear during the cool evenings. The trees in the orchard are covered with ripe apples, pears, apricots peaches, dates, plums, and cherries. 


In the fall the colors of the vineyard change to orange, the squill flowers and crocuses spring up, and the Negev sky is different than any other – sunrises and sunsets here are the most beautiful in Israel.

Sunrise, Sunset and the Moon from Carmey Avdat

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Winter in the desert is a combination of clear skies, bright sun, a few rainy days and – if we are lucky – once every few years we see snow. 

We have two different kinds of rain in the Negev: light rain that continues for several hours that irrigates the dry desert soil, and hard rain that quickly saturates the light desert soil until it can no longer penetrate and then turns into a flash flood. When this happens, the flow of water in the small riverbeds is light and not dangerous, but in the large rivers the water can reach tremendous and dangerous torrents that flow at great speed. Our farm is located in a small riverbed and the floods do not constitute a danger to the vineyards or to us.



As the days lengthen migrating birds return from Africa on their way to Europe. The desert sheds its last signs of winter and the vineyard and fruit trees are covered in new leaves and flowers. The hillsides and riverbeds are filled with colorful wild flowers.  

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Summer in the mountains of the Negev is the most surprising season. When we talk about the Negev people usually imagine that it is hot, but the mountains of the Negev are over 600 meters above sea level - high enough to allow cool breezes. The dryness of the desert also makes the climate pleasant. Mornings and evenings are delightful, and we seldom use air conditioning. Even during the noon hours it is enough to stand on the shady terrace to cool off and enjoy the breeze. 
The trees in the orchard are covered with ripe fruit during the summer, and guests are invited to wander among them and to pick and taste. Visitors can also take a refreshing dip in the garden pools with a glass of the local wine.



When the summer comes to a close and the grape harvest is over, colors change and the squills, crocuses and the bright yellow Sternbergias spring up and flower. Thousands of storks, cranes and other migrating birds fly over us noisily on their way south. The sky looks like a painting with clouds of all colors and shapes. 
From the hill we can see the most beautiful sunsets in the Negev.

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