Carmey Avdat Wines
   We have been producing wine since our first grape harvest in 2002. The wines from the first harvests were produced with the help of Yuval Ben Shoshan - a winemaker from the Ben Shoshan winery. Yuval taught Eyal how to make wine and still serves as our expert advisor.

  We realized from the beginning that our grapes and wines had a unique aroma and taste that is characteristic of the Negev. The combination of high altitude (approximately 600 meters or 1800 feet), warm temperatures that ensure good ripening, refreshing desert breezes that ventilate the vineyard, extreme differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, and cold winters with occasional snow helps to create a unique Negev terroir. We strive to maintain these characteristics when producing our wines.
The wine undergoes fermentation at relatively low temperatures of 24-25 degrees Celsius, which preserves the taste of the fruit. It' s then pressed under moderate pressure to prevent bitterness. The wine is aged for approximately one year. During the aging process we taste the wine continuously. We also transfer the wine between the various American oak, French oak, new, and used barrels in order to add the desired flavors of the various woods without altering the taste of the fruit.
Our Merlot wines from 2003 and 2004 have earned gold medals in the Eshkol HaZahav competition.


Daniel Rogov tastes our wine