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Buying Wine Online
All wines ordered online will be shipped directly to your home by messenger.

How to Order
Select the type of wine and quantity that you would like to order.
Pay by credit card through our secure site, or contact us to arrange an alternate payment method.

The shipping fee for  6 - 12 bottles  in Israel is 14 u.s.d.

Shipping fees for 6 bottles to the U.S.A =152 u.s.d.

Shipping fees for 12 bottles to the U.S.A = 304 u.s.d

Shipping fees for 6 bottles to France, Belgium, United kingdom or Germany = 110 $

Shipping fees for 12 bottles to France, Belgium, United kingdom or Germany = 220 $

Wine can be shipped to other countries as well, ask us about shipping prices.

The wine is sent in boxes of three bottles each.
Click here to give a gift of Carmey Avdat wine.