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Gift Wine


To order online, type in the following:
Your credit card information
Recipient’s name
Sender’s Name
Shipping address
Please provide the recipient’s
phone number so that we can arrange to deliver the gift at a convenient time
For shipments within Israel, add NIS 50
for shipping for all gifts or purchases of up to 12 bottles of wine.
Orders exceeding up to 12 bottles are shipped within Israel in a price of 50 nis.
Shipping costs for orders to the United States will be calculated and added to the price when the order is placed.
Orders sent to other countries: Please contact us for details regarding shipping costs.
Give a Gift of Carmey Avdat Wine
Surprise someone you love with a unique gift
of Carmey Avdat wine.
Your gift will be sent by
messenger directly to the home of the recipient.
Each gift of wine is sent with a personal gift card
designed printed for the occasion on recycled
paper with greeting and the names of the
sender and recipient.

How to Order
Select the gift that you would like to give from
the list. Payment is made in the same
manner as purchases from the virtual Farm Store. You can pay by credit card through our secure site, or contact us to arrange an alternate payment method.

For a reservation of more than 3 bottles click here 


Click here to view an example of a gift wine card