10 minutes from Carmey Avdat

Ein-Avdat is the largest natural spring in the area and one of the most popular sites for visitors to the Negev Highland. The spring’s water flows through a magnificent canyon throughout the year. Ibexes - ‘the kings of the cliffs’ - can be seen drinking from the spring or leaping up and down the canyon walls.
The trail going through Ein Avdat is easily accessible. A stone stairway leads to the upper pools. As you climb you pass 6th century hermit caves, powering poplar trees and a spectacular waterfall. On the Avdat Plateau above the canyon are the springs of Ein Akev, Upper Ein Akev, Ein Zik, and Ein Sharav, which can be reached by land vehicles or on foot. For more information: Avdat National Park 08-6551511
Hike to Nahal Chavarim and Ein Avdat
This hike takes a circular route via Nahal Chivrim and Ein Avdat and returns to the farm.
Duration: 4 – 5 Hours

Route: Leave the farm by the dirt road, cross to the east side of the main road and continue walking northward along the dirt road parallel to the main road. At the end of the decline turn right and begin the walk through Nahal Chivrim (marked in red). At a later point in the riverbed the markings change color. Follow the black markings to Ein Avdat. Walk southwards on the road to the entrance to the park (There is an entry fee and visiting hours should be checked in advance.) Walk through the canyon along the spring and pools and climb up the stairs carved in the rocks through the poplar groves. Climbing up the metal ladders will bring you to the monk’s caves at the top of the canyon. It is worthwhile to go the lookout pint at the head of the big 60-meter-high waterfall of Ein Ma’arif. From there you can cross the plain and return to the farm. (This road is not marked).
5 minutes from Carmey Avdat

The ancient Nabbatean city of Avdat was a major stopping pint for travelers on the route between Gaza and Yemen, and provided a variety of services for travelers. The archeological ruins of the ancient city include the largest wine press in the area, where caravans of camels would deliver the grapes. At the bottom of the limestone slopes are wine cellars carved into the rock and caves where the wine was stored before being transported throughout the Nabbatean kingdom.
For more information: Avdat National Park – 08-6551511 
10 minutes from Carmey Avdat

Ben-Gurion’s Hut and Tomb
The home of Israel’s first prime minister is a pilgrimage site for school children, youth movement members, and tourists from all over the world. The modest home at Kibbutz Sde Boker where David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula spent their last years was left exactly as it was, at Ben Gurion’s request. The home is now a small museum devoted to his legacy where visitors can learn about one of Israel’s most important leaders and the period in which he lived.
For more information: Ben-Gurion’s Home: 08-6560443
David and Paula Ben-Gurion’s Tomb
David and Paula Ben Gurion’s Tomb is located in Midreshet Ben-Gurion and is surrounded by a magnificent park overlooking the breath-taking view of Nahal Zin. The site is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset 
20 minutes from Carmey Avdat

Mitzpe Ramon Visitors’ Center
Mitzpeh Ramon visitors’ center is an ideal starting point for a tour of the Ramon nature reserve. The center contains an exhibit with an excellent audio-visual presentation on the geology of the region. The center offers information on hiking trails, weather updates, and other points of interest in the area.
The shop offers maps and additional literature about the area.
For more information- the visitors’ center: 08-6588698
20 minutes from Carmey Avdat

Neve-Midbar Hot Springs
Neve Midbar is a luxurious spa in the heart of the desert with hot baths, Jacuzzi, sauna, massage parlor, cafeteria and a large outdoor pool surrounded by a spacious seating area. Hot water rich in salts and minerals is pumped directly up from the vast underground aquifer. Guests of Carmey Avdat are entitled to a discount at Neve-Midbar. For more information call Neve-Midbar: 08-6579666
25 minutes from Carmay Avdat

The Alpaca Farm
The Alpaca Farm near Mitzpeh Ramon has 600 alpacas and llamas as well as many other animals. Visitors can hand feed the animals, take guided tours of the farm, ride llamas and camels, and watch demonstrations of shearing and weaving.
The horseback ride into the spectacular Ramon crater is highly recommended. The ride does not require previous riding experience and is open to adults and children aged 8 and up.
With the exception of horseback riding, all the above activities do not require advance booking.
For more information – the Alpaca Farm: 08-6588047 
25 minutes from Carmey Avdat

Ramon Crater
Ramon Crater is the largest crater in Israel. Its magnificent panorama and unique geological formations make it one of Israel’s most spectacular sites. The crater contains sand dunes crossed by million year old dykes, colored sands, a spring, canyons and cliffs, and an amazing basalt rock formation known as the ‘carpentry shop’.
For more information- the visitors’ center: 08-6588698 
20 דקות מכרמי עבדת:
נווה מדבר
נווה מדבר, כשמו כן הוא נווה מים זורמים בלב המדבר. קידוחים אל עומק האדמה הביאו לגילוי של שכבת מים חמים בעלי סגולות רפואיות. מים אלו משמשים את נווה מדבר, אחוזת בריאות מרשימה שהוקמה ליד משאבי שדה בה ניתן ליהנות מרחצה, מסג'ים שונים, ג'קוזי, סאונה, ספא, ארוחה טובה ועוד.
אורחי כרמי עבדת נהנים מהנחה הניתנת במקום.
לפרטים נוספים - נווה מדבר 08-6579666
Bedouin Hospitality
The Negev highland is home to many Bedouin. Some still live the traditional nomadic way, a tent for their home, they pasture their herds of sheep and camels, and cook their food on open fires. In the region are a number of Bedouin guest-tents, where visitors can experience the Bedouin lifestyle, drink hot, sweet tea, eat a tin-stove baked pita-bread with labana, and learn from their hosts about the Bedouin way of life. Some Bedouin families are known to invite guests to their own tents, providing visitors with a truly authentic experience.
For more information- beerot camp site 057-7375265
08-6535177-han hashayarot
Camel Back-riding Hikes

In desert style, tours on camels, horses or donkeys are as good a way as any to explore the Negev. If you prefer to go on foot, the camels can carry your equipment, while you take off unencumbered on a several day hike.
It is possible to follow the trail of the ancient spice-route on the back of a camel. The ride follows the ancient caravan route, stops to rest in the old rest-areas, passes through the original animal drinking pools; just like 2000 years ago
For more information 08-6535177-han hashayarot
Adventure Activities

The Negev Highland is paradise for adventure-enthusiasts.
Its high cliffs are among Israel’s finest rappelling locations, there are numerous trails for 4x4 vehicles, and even mountain bikes trails (mountain bikes can be rented in the area). Altogether, this is definitely one of the best areas in the country for adventure activities.
In order to keep the landscape from harm and to ensure a safe return home, one should contract the National Parks Authority at the Mitzpe Ramon visitors’ center to help plan the trip.
08- 6588698.

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