The Four Seasons



The Negev is known for its spectacular and extreme changes from one season to another.
Winters bring very little rain – an annual average of 60 mm - but when the rain does fall the entire desert comes to life. Water begins to flow, the cisterns fill, wild animals are aroused, and the spring flowers prepare for their magnificent appearance.
Spring brings the colorful wild flowers that most of us associate with rainier areas, which fill the desert with their bright colors and attract sightseers.
Whoever things that desert summers are hot, dry, and arid will be surprised! Not in the high Negev mountains! The dryness and the pleasant desert breezes eliminate the need for air conditioning and visitors should bring warm clothing to wear during the cool evenings. The trees in the orchard are covered with ripe apples, pears, apricots peaches, dates, plums, and cherries.
In the fall the colors of the vineyard change to orange, the squill flowers and crocuses spring up, and the Negev sky is different than any other – sunrises and sunsets here are the most beautiful in Israel.
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