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 The Metal Shop
The metal shop at Carmey Avdat Farm is a place of pounding hammers, pillars of smoke, noises, colors and creativity. The shop produces tools, metal products, and artifacts for the guest houses, wine racks, candlesticks, bells and other items that are sold in the farm store. There are also group workshops in metal work held in the metal shop.
The metal shop is a prime example of recycling. Any scraps, axles, or horse shoes are converted into useful products or decorative items.
Eyal creates a variety of products in the metal shop that are inspired by winemaking and the rock drawings on the farm. His works of art - which he designs himself - combine metal and local stone and are original and unique.
Examples of the various products are shown on this page. Click the links to view other designs for each product.
All products can be purchased online. To make a purchase, send us an email from the Contact Us page with the name of the product as it appears in the photograph. We will contact you and inform you of the price, including shipping fees. You can also specify variations on products shown here.

 Eyal’s expresses his passion for winemaking and love of metalwork by creating a wide variety of wine racks in various designs from metal and local stone, as well as “wine pictures” – wine racks for hanging on the wall.

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  Wine Racks  
 Candleholders fashioned from stone, metal, and recycled horseshoes
Designs include single and double candleholders, Shabbat candleholders, and decorative candleholders.

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   Wall hangers in various designs and sizes incorporate metal and stone.

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 Wall Hangers  
 Key chain designs are inspired by ancient rock drawings.

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Click here to read an article published in National Geographic about the rock drawings in the Negev and Eyal’s work.
   Key chains
   Many hours spent with our children in kindergarten and birthday parties served as inspiration for making musical instruments and bells in a variety of sizes, shapes, and tones
   Chanukah Menorahs
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 Business Card Holders
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  Lamps and Other Items
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