holiday in israel restaurants

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haavit - Mizpe Ramon Israeli food 972-8-6588226
juma's pub bar and resturant 972-54-4242385
Pub 40 Kibutz Tllalim - bar and resturant  972-52-4674637
 Shivta Farm  Meals in the ancient city of Shivta.  972-50-7383802
 Desert Magic  Special gourmet meals prepared by Hemmi & Oxana Zemach.  972-52-2756225
 Kmehin Bamidbar  Meals for groups.  972-52-2607056
 Menta  Gas station restaurant at Kibbutz Sde Boker.  972-8-6579938
 The Ahuza Restaurant  At the "Neve Midbar" plantation.  972-8-6579666
 Eli & Ela Chen
(Azuzulla B&B)
 Gourmet meals at Ezuz.  972-50-5646277
 Hai Negev at Revivim  Special occasions, parties, dairy meals, barbecues and kosher catering.  972-8-6562688
 Cornmell Farm  Gourmet meals based on locally produced cheese.  972-52-2788051