Liat Amitai

Holistic therapy and massage in a private clinic and B&B’s in and around Mitzpeh Ramon. Connects body and mind and provides various treatment methods integrated into a personal custom-made therapy, just for you. Deep tissue massage, hot rocks, cupping etc.
Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3393319 |

Orly Sharir

In peaceful, isolated desert surroundings, using diverse top-quality therapies, the connection between man and desert, earth and himself increases.
You can book a variety of therapies in the farm s therapy dome: Swedish massage, and stone therapy.
Orlyya Farm
050-9800069 |


High-quality, professional massage using various methods and essential oils, refreshing and soothing. Recommended for treatment of muscle aches, tension and strain.
Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3657163 |

Asaf Arbel – Lotus

Various high-quality therapies, professional and meticulous: Chinese medicine, shiatsu, tuina, combined medical massage, counseling on correct nutrition and healthy lifestyle, diagnosis and treatment with Bach Flowers.
050-42441334 | lotusarbel@gmail.eom

Desert Medicine & Marpeya

Chinese healing herbal remedies.
Netaly | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3912077 | marpeya@gmail.eom |

Orly Sharon – Margoa Bamidbar

Clinic in Kibbutz Sde Boker, offering reflexology and massage.
Sde Boker
050-7579214 |

Yochi Gordon

Holistic treatments, shiatsu and reflexology, preventative treatment for all ages to maintain healthy body and mind. Treatment for lower back problems, neck, attention and concentration problems, insomnia, anxiety and depression.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
050-7225642 | 08-6532440 |


Shlomit Lazer

Reflexology, Swedish massage, hot rocks, special massage for pregnant women, Bach flowers, Reiki, relaxation and tension relief methods. Qualified registered nurse and nursing instructor.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
050-9900981 I elizeri 1

Michal Sharir

Personal holistic treatments and workshops for couples and groups. Therapist specializing in shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, combined massage, healing and crystals.
Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3727246 I

Hanny Topper

Certified naturopath with 18 years’ experience in natural treatment of chronic diseases, pain, weight loss, digestive problems and tension.
054-7366307 | hannytop@walla.eom |

Adina Moskovich

Family coach for parenting and marital relations. Personal coach for change and goal realization. Group mediator for parents and senior citizens.
Kadesh Barnea
052-3857250 | havera111@walla.eom

Tadagi Shlomit

Reflexology treatments, baby massage courses, reflexology and feng shui workshops.
Mitzpeh Ramon
050-2264339 |

Maayan Adin

Naturopath, provides birth support and birth preparation. Massage and reflexology treatment For pregnant women, after childbirth and in general.
Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3856932 | adinmaayan@gmail.eom |

Alejandra Peretz Morano – Simply Natural

Nutritional coaching for individuals and groups, holistic therapy, reflexology, specializes in Fibromyalgia, bed wetting headaches and migraines. Sujok Korean therapy, holistic physical therapy, medicinal herbs and aromatherapy.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
050-8441675 | alejandra270l

Alex Man

Chinese and Korean acupuncture, shiatsu and tuina
Kadesh Barnea
052-2837972 |

Aliza Yamin

Holistic guidance, treatment and support on energetic wavelengths: numerology, FEM, Theta healing.
054-2401365 | |

Helly Sadeh

Multi-discipline therapists specializing in medical massage with Far Eastern techniques and massage for pregnant women and infants.
052-4260882 |

Judith Elisha – Saiki Shiatsu

Touch treatment helping the patient awaken his/her natural healing powers.
Mashabei Sadeh
050-7254153 | 08-6565171 |