Adam Sela – Desert Tour Center

Guided desert tours in all-terrain vehicles or on fool, rappelling and river crossing, roaming tours and logistical support Production of fun days for groups, high-quality leadership seminars, mobile climbing wall and Field rescue.
Adam Sela | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
Office: 050-5308272 I Adam: 050-9308272 |

טיול לאמה. חוות האלפקות מצפה רמוןAlpaca Farm

Exotic alpaca and llama ranch offering guided tours and various activities: horse-back trips, llama, picnicking and much more.
Dvir family | Near Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588047 | 052-8977010 | |


סיורים מודרכים בחוות אשבא. צילום טל גליק

Ashba Farm

Organic, biological farm that cultivates fruits״ vegetables and herbs. The farm has an oil press, winery, shop that sells fresh and processed organic products. Guided tours may be booked in advance.
Shlomo Azulai | Ashba Farm
050-5488364 | 08-6550616 |


Chai-Ramon is located at the foot 0f the visitors’ center on the edge of the Ramon Crater. The site includes a display of small desert animals including snakes, lizards, rodents, hedgehogs, porcupines, scorpions etc.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588755 | |

Desert Archery

Desert Archery is one-of-a-kind in the world, where you can enjoy a game of archery while walking the 300,000m of virgin desert soil.
Yakov Everett | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-53445981 | |

Desert Agriculture Center and Ramat Hanegev R&D Center

Unique experience getting acquainted with the world of desert agriculture. The R&D center offers tours for groups and individuals and provides extensive knowledge on cultivation in brackish (semi-salty) water, efficient irrigation, development of varieties and increasing yields per field.
Gadi Greenblat | Near Ashalim
054-6209040 | |

Extreme Tours

Extreme Tours Company is managed by Alen Gafnl a veteran guide and rappelling instructor. Bicycle and jeep tours, ODT activities for groups, incoming tourists and tourist agents.
Alen Gafni | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595555 | |

בית הדבש בקדש ברנע. צילום טל גליק

House oF Honey

Learn about the bees’ life cycle, taste honey, view transparent beehives. Accompanied by a fabulous hands-on. Fascinating description. Advance booking pnly.
Eduard Philipov | Kadesh Barnea
052-3927085 | edidvash@bezeqintnet

Israel Astronomy

Fascinating guided star gazing and astronomical lectures for individuals and groups. Please book in advance.
Ira Machefsky | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-5449789 | |


Khan Beerotayim

A lovely Inn that offers desert hospitality, camel-back, bicycle and walking tours.
Ofer Hartuv | Ezuz
08-6555788 | |

Khan Chai Negev

Desert zoological park with many different animals, a petting comer and feeding area.
Benny Osadon | Revivim
08-6562688 | 054-2401261 | |

Kibbutz Revivim Cemetery

Tour in the footsteps of the heroes of Negev settlement a t the Revivim Cemetery. Get to know the founders of the southern-most Jewish settlement in the Negev in 1943. Tours guided by Naftali Raz, Revivim member, guide and history teacher.
Naftali Raz | Revivim
054-5494172 I zar89@netvision.netil

חוות הגמלים בנגב ממשית

Negev Camel Ranch

Camel tours from one hour to several days long.
Ariel | Mamshit
08-6552829 | |

Neve Midbar

Neve Midbar is located 20 minutes south of Beer-Sheba. Neve Midbar is a site of thermo- mineral water pools, with 4 pools, dry and wet sauna a spa complex offering various pampering treatments, a large lawn, cafeteria and meat restaurant
Near Mashabei Sadeh Junction
08-6579666 | |

Khan Sfinat Hamidbar

Camel trips, workshops, lectures, concerts and extreme-sport activities.
Farhan Shalibi | Near Mashabei Sadeh Junction
08-65573181 | |

Khan Shayarot

A wide variety of attractions for children and adults including Bedouin hospitality, camel tours, jeep and safari tours.
5km south of Midreshet Ben-Gurion
08-65357771 | |


חוות נאות. צילום בוטיקו

Naot Farm

Visit an agricultural farm, observe afternoon milking and taste goat cheeses. A cheese- making workshop may be booked in advance.
Gadi and Leah Nachimov
054-4218788/9 | |

Nitzana Educational Community

An educational center that operates seminars, a field school a youth hostel and inn, an absorption center and Ulpan for new immigrants to Israel. Nitzana provides a unique study environment with an ecological emphasis – solar park, recycling and separation center, special water class, Tel Nitzana museum of antiques, recycled-art gallery and more.
08-6561435/4681 | |

Mitzpeh Ramon Jazz Club

The jazz club was founded in March 2007 by its creator and manager Gadi Liebrock. The club hosts bands from various locations in Israel and the world and holds concerts in a diversity of musical styles.
Gadi Lybrock | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-5265628 | beitdani@netvision.netil |

חוות אורליה. צילום- טל גליק

 Orlyya Farm

Agricultural tourist farm built on the remains of an ancient Nabbatean farm. The farm offers rooms for couples and singles, treatments and tours by advance booking. Tours with an emphasis on settlement and agriculture that highlight the unique crops including Aragon tree orchards. Visitors can buy items produced on the farm.
Yoni and Orly Sharir
050-9800069 | I

 Orly Cactus Farm

Israels largest colorful cactus farm. Visitors center, special hospitality for groups, a shop that sells exotic health products grown and produced on the farm.
Noam Blum | Near Yeruham
050-4240304 | 054-4803018 | |

Ramat Hanegev Bird-watching Center

Bird watching, ringing and tours following the route of migrating birds. Fascinating activities for the entire family with experienced guides.
Meidad Goren | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
052-3689608 |

Sde Boker Visitors Center

At the visitors center you can watch a movie about the establishment of Kibbutz Sde Boker ״Dreamers, a Love Story”.
Open every day between 10:00-16:00, Fridays between 10:00-14:00. Other times may be scheduled. Groups must book in advance. Accessible for wheelchairs.
Zvi Remek | Sde Boker
050-7579212 | | On FaceBook: Sde Boker Winery

Star Trek

Guided tour of space including a general overview, planets, stars and distant galaxies. The tour can come to you anywhere, anytime.
Avi Sagi | Roaming guide
052-8984040 |

Shirat Hamidbar

Unique organic farm that grows medicinal herbs and spices, Moroccan aragon trees, grapes and a fruit orchard. The farm conducts tours and workshops for groups. Please book in advance.
Golan Cohen | Beer Milka
052-7021650 |