Beit Kerem and Beit Marva  


cabin pictures

These two units are designed for couples. Both are located within the garden and are surrounded by greenery and fruit trees.

These units are more accessible by car and on foot. The units are adjacent to each other and each has a private terrace with a bathing pool (available on season), dining area, and hammock.

Both cabins have a well-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, gas range, toaster oven, kitchen utensils and a coffee corner with an espresso machine. Milk, wine, and fruit are provided on the house. There is also a high-quality stereo system (not suitable for c.d) and a shower. The floors of these cabins are tiled with regular, smooth stone rather than cobblestones.

A full breakfast is delivered to the room and is included in the price.
These two cabins are suitable for two couples who want to spend time together or families with older children who want privacy between the parents and children while still remaining in close proximity. They are also suitable for older people with limited mobility.

short video of beit Kerem


short video of beit Marva