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Our guest cabins have been chosen as being among the ten best in Israel
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Carmey Avdat Farm – Israel Lodging at its Best!


Carmey Avdat Farm located in the heart of the highlands of the Negev Desert in southern Israel, Carmey Avdat Farm offers visitors a unique experience in southern israel lodging in Israel.

An Alternative Idea in Israel Lodging

Our concept of Israel lodging and the design and style of our guest cabins were inspired by our travels in the deserts of the Negev, the Sinai, Maroco, Jorden and Australia. Guests at Carmey Avdat enjoy a unique, relaxing experience while lodging in Israel. Our six luxurious secluded cabins are situated against a backdrop of a breathtaking desert landscape.

Lodging in Israel Inspired by Nature

Lodging in Israel at Carmey Avdat offers guests an opportunity to experience the beauty, tranquility and serenity of the Negev desert. Our cabins are built and designed with the theme of the desert and its panorama in mind. Each of our cabins is uniquely designed with simplicity and elegance, and special features such as cobblestone floors, hewn stone bathtubs, and natural wood reflect the simplicity and tranquility of the desert surroundings.

Israel Lodging in a Serene Pastoral Atmosphere

The guest cabins at Carmey Avdat have no television sets or DVD players commonly found in Israeli lodging accommodations. Instead, visitors are encouraged to enjoy the serene desert surroundings, bathe in the natural rock pools adjacent to each cabin, and wander through the orchards to pick and sample the fruits that are in season.

Israel Lodging with Ecology in Mind

Carmey Avdat Farm has a biological water purification system for recycling gray water from the cabins. The water is used for irrigating the orchards and vineyards. Each cabin is equipped with containers for waste disposal and recycling.

Lodging in Israel in one of the Top Ten Accommodations

The guest lodging accommodations at Carmey Avdat have been rated among the top ten accommodations for Israel lodging. Tours of the farm, the winery, the metal shop, and the surrounding area are available.

Guests have a choice of six different cabins designed for families or couples. All cabins have a stereo system, bathroom facilities, and a fully-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, gas range, toaster oven, utensils, and an espresso machine. A bottle of wine, milk, and fruit are provided on the house. The price includes a full breakfast delivered to the cabin.

Carmey Avdat - Holy Land Israel Lodging Vacation Israel Lodging in Negev Desert
Israel Lodging at Carmey Avdat Farm

Famiy Cabins (secluded)

Israel Lodging in Beit Somek Cabin

Beit Somek is a family cabin with a double bed, two children’s beds and Jacuzzi. The unit is ideal for families with small children or couples seeking Lodging in Israel in a romantic vacation accommodation.

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Carmey Avdat Farm Somek

Beit Levona Cabin

Beit Levona and Beit Ktema are large, spacious two-room family cabins that can accommodate a couple and three children. The natural stone bathtub was designed and built by the owner.

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The Levona Zimmer

Beit Ktema Zimmer

Beit Ktema and Beit Levona are twin cabins that are almost identical. Ktema is located at the far end of the road leading to the zimmers – a bit of a walk, but once you get there you won't want to leave! The secluded cabin offers visitors privacy and intimacy. Enjoy some quiet time together while the children splash with their friends in the rock pool adjacent to Beit Levona. Stretch out together in the double hammock and decide which one of you will bring the wine or espresso to make your relaxation complete!

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Carmey Avdat Ktema
Israel Lodging Famiy Cabins

Lodging in Israel in Beit Kerem Cabin

These two adjacent cabins are designed for couples. Both are located within the garden and are surrounded by greenery and fruit trees. Both units are accessible by car or on foot. Each has a private terrace with a bathing pool built of natural rock, a dining area, and hammock.

Both Beit Kerem Cabin and Beit Marva Cabin are accessible for handicapped or elderly guests. The floors of these cabins are tiled with regular, smooth stone rather than cobblestones.

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Israel Lodging Kerem - Garden Location

Beit Marva Cabin

These two cabins are suitable for two couples who want to spend time together or families with older children who want privacy between the parents and children while still remaining in close proximity.

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Lodging in Carmey Avdat Marva - Garden Location

Lodging in Israel in Beit Karkom Cabin (secluded cabins rate)

Beit Karkom is a secluded guest cabin for couples. The cabin has a double bed and a seating area with an additional bed. The wooden terrace has a dining area and hammock and overlooks the vineyard and the panoramic view of Nahal Zin.

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Karkom (secluded)