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Carmey Avdat Farm - Israel Accommodation Israel Accommodation

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South

Israelis have usually associated the Negev with jeep excursions, rugged hikes with the youth movement, or a place where they conducted exercises during their military service. In recent years, however, the Negev has come to be known as a unique vacation site that is also ideal for families with children. Numerous possibilities for family accommodations are available in the Negev, and there are a wide variety of attractions for the entire family.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Carmey Avdat Farm

Carmey Avdat Farm is located near Sde Boker and has six unique zimmers. Four of the zimmers are secluded and overlook the panorama of the desert, the vineyard, and Nahal Zin. The other two zimmers are for couples and are located in the orchard and surrounded by greenery. Each zimmer has a private bathing pool made of natural rock, a terrace, and hammock. All the zimmers are equipped with a high-quality stereo system and kitchen facilities, including a refrigerator, stove, and cooking utensils.

Each kitchenette is also equipped with an espresso machine, and guests can enjoy various types of coffee and tea and a bottle of wine from the winery. The farm has a family boutique winery, a beautiful vineyard, and a gallery that displays ceramics, metal work, and crafts made by local artists. Children enjoy visiting the horses, dogs, cats, and chickens on the farm. The farm is located near some of the best bicycle tracks in the Negev as well as hiking paths such as the well-known spring of Ein Avdat, Ein Akev, the ancient city of Avdat, and Ben Gurion's cabin and grave site at nearby Kibbutz Sde Boker.

Carmey Avdat Farm began offering guest accommodations in the year 2000. Unlike many zimmers in Israel that cater only to couples, our intention from the beginning was to offer the Israel accommodation Deals for families with children. We offer children a unique experience of visiting the farm and learning about our special way of life. Children are thrilled to see the vineyards that wind along the riverbed, view the boutique winery and experience the world of winemaking, see the horses, dogs, and ancient rock drawings on the farm, and experience other sites in the surrounding Negev Desert.

Carmey Avdat Farm located in Israel Accommodations in the Negev of Israel
Israel Accommodation - The Bed & Breakfast Deal

Carmey Avdat Accommodation Getaway for Families

There are no television sets or Internet connections in our zimmers. Our guests can therefore enjoy a quiet vacation and a getaway from their daily lives. Before they arrive many families ask us "What will the children do without television?" We smile knowingly because we know that when they arrive the children will be the first to begin to explore the natural surroundings on the farm and to feel at home. Parents are constantly surprised that they can spend an entire family vacation in the Negev without television and computers, and usually the children are reluctant to leave the farm and return home.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Khan Be'erotayim

Khan Be'erotayim (Two Wells) is located near Azuz not far from the Egyptian border, the Nitzana Youth Village and the ancient city of Nitzana. The city of Azuz was built on the remains of two ancient wells, for which the site is named. Israel Accommodation at Be'erotayim include tents and adobe guest rooms that surround a majestic acacia tree. The Khan is known for its desert atmosphere that is familiar to people who have traveled to the Sinai. Guests enjoy camel excursions, bike rides, and delicious meals.

Israel Accommodation in the South – The Alpaca Farm

The Alpaca farm offers Israel accommodation for families with children on a farm that raises lamas, alpacas, and other animals. The Alpaca Farm has four family zimmers and a studio for group accommodations. Families and children can enjoy riding the lamas, weaving and spinning alpaca wool, horseback riding, and petting and feeding the animals.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Be'erot Campground:

The Be'erot Campground is located in the heart of Machtesh Ramon (The Great Crater) and is adjacent to many of the hiking and cycling paths and jeep routes in the crater. The campground offers lodging in a Bedouin tent as well as rooms suitable for groups or families. Meals are also available. The campground has a shady area sheltered from the wind for setting up tents, barbecue facilities, showers, rest rooms, and a refreshment stand.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Nahal Haverim Farm

Yossi and Yehudit Kaskas established the Carmey Har Hanegev Farm in a deserted quarry near Mitzpeh Ramon. The farm has a vineyard where wine grapes are cultivated, two zimmers for families with children, and a campground. There are also ponies and a small zoo. Visitors should visit Yehutit's art gallery where she displays mosaics and drawings on wood.

Nahal Haverim is a single-family farm near Sde Boker. The farm has five zimmers suitable for families with children. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV and barbecue facilities. Yankele Geva is a tour guide who conducts tours throughout the Negev in a safari truck for families and children.

Israel Accommodation - Mitzpe Ramon Area Carmey Avdat Farm - The Best Accommodation in Israel

Israel Accommodation in the South Negev Desert – Hai Negev

Hai Negev at Kibbutz Revivim began as a site where Negev wildlife such as rodents, large predators, and birds of prey were kept. The site later developed workshops and activities for families with children and now offers Israel accommodation in a Khan for families. Children can enjoy rides on a miniature train pulled by a tractor, take a guided tour of the kibbutz, and bake Bedouin-style pita bread over a mud stove with goat cheese and olive oil, and visit the small zoo.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Kibbutz Sde Boker

Shantel Gal Yam, a member of Kibbutz Sde Boker, had an original idea of converting one of the old kibbutz children's houses into a zimmer. The children's house is reminiscent of days gone by when children slept in communal children's houses in the kibbutz. Guests enjoy these simple accommodations while getting an intimate look at life in this special kibbutz where Ben Gurion made his home during the last years of his life.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Zayit Hamidbar Farm

Zayit Hamidbar Farm offers families with children unique lodging in Indian- teepees as well as other lodging accommodation. Guests also enjoy a large outdoor Jacuzzi and bathing pool. The farm has a khan for group accommodations that is suitable for holding workshops. Arrangements can also be made for meals on the farm.

Also with in the south of Israel area, you can look for agreat Accommodation Services for Families in the Negev Desert at Carmey Har Hanegev Farm

Israel Accommodation Services in the Negev Area – Khan Merhav Am

Khan Merhav Am is a religious community that was established ten years ago. The members of the community currently live in caravans, but have recently begun to build permanent housing. Residents of the community welcome religious guests in the spirit of hospitality shown by Abraham to his guests in the Bible. Lodging is available in the tent, the sukkah, or family guest rooms. Kosher Lamehadrin meals are also available upon request.

Israel Accommodation for both couples and the whole Family – Neot Farm

The Neot Farm is one of the farms along the Wine Route in the Negev. The farm has four zimmers for couples and families – one of which is accessible for handicapped persons. The farm raises goats for milk production and there is an excellent dairy where a variety of cheeses are produced. Visitors can purchase the cheeses in the shop. There is also a meat restaurant that is open on weekends.

Israel Traditional Accommodation in the Desert Carmey Avdat accommodation & Breakfast
 The Negev Desert - Israel Accommodation

Israel Accommodation Family Deals in the South – Noam Bamidbar Farm

Noam Bamidbar Farm is located in a renovated quarry along the Wine Route near Mitzpeh Ramon. The owners, the Harari family, have set up tents that accommodate groups and families. Breakfast and supper are available, and the farm also hosts large group events.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the Negev – Sfinat Hamidbar (Ship of the Desert)

Sfinat Hamidbar is an old, well-known Khan with tents for groups and families. There are also rooms suitable for tour guides, drivers, and couples. Guests enjoy camel rides and Bedouin hospitality nearby. The farm often hosts large events, and concerts by well-known Israeli artists are held there during the summer.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Khan Ayalim

Kfar Adiel is a student village established by the Ayalim Association within the community of Eshelim. The village is the first of several student villages to be established throughout the country. The students receive grants in exchange for living in the village and doing community work, with the intention of eventually settling in the Negev. Khan Ayalim hosts groups and families in a tent or in a mud brick building, and holds lectures and educational activities.

Israel Accommodation – The Khan Hashayarot Zimmers

Khan Hashayarot is located near Sde Boker, Nahal Haverim, and Ein Avdat. The Khan has zimmers for families and children and tents for group accommodation. Various activities are available including camel rides, visiting Bedouins, rappelling, and excursions in desert safari vehicles. Meals for groups are also available at the site. Guests can also set up their own tents on the campground, and rest rooms and showers are available for visitors.

Israel Accommodation for Families in the Negev Desert – Kish Derech Eretz Farm

Daniel Kish is a sculptor who lives in Mitzpeh Ramon and creates sculptures from Negev rocks. Kish established the Derech Eretz Farm and offers families and groups accommodations in a tent. The farm has a vineyard for cultivating wine grapes and a small boutique winery surrounded by Kish's stone sculptures

Israel Accommodation for Families in the South – Nahal Boker Farm

The Nahal Boker Farm was one of the first farms established along the Wine Route in the Negev. The farm's owners, Hilda and Moshe Zohar, host guests in several lodge-style accommodations including a zimmer for couples and for families and a Khan with tents for families and groups. The wine house has also been converted into a Khan for lodging. There is a large Jacuzzi in the center of the farm. A wine cellar has recently been opened on the farm where visitors can taste and purchase local wines.