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Carmey Avdat - Bed and Breakfast Israel Bed and Breakfast in the Negev of Israel

B&B Israel – Bed and Breakfast Israel – Zimmers at Carmey Avdat Farm – Lodging in Israel with a Unique Desert Experience

Carmey Avdat is a family farm that was established in the area of Sde Boker in 1998. The owners, Hanna and Eyal Yizrael saw themselves as modern-day pioneers, and decided to settle in the Negev Desert and make it bloom. The decision to plant a vineyard and cultivate wine grapes stemmed from their extensive familiarity with the history and archeology of the Negev, where grape cultivation and winemaking existed 1,500 years ago. Eyal and Hanna therefore decided to take on the huge challenge of restoring the wine industry at the site, and established a vineyard and winery – proving that once again history repeats itself.

Bed and Breakfast Israel - Open to Visitors

Hanna and Eyal felt that the farm should be open to visitors, and built six luxurious and unique zimmers on the farm. Visitors to the farm can experience the desert, the agriculture, and winemaking at Carmey Avdat, and enjoy the breathtaking desert view of Nahal Zim and Ein Avdat. Kibbutz Sde Boker, the former home of David Ben Gurion, and his grave at the Ben Gurion Institute, are also visible from the farm and offer visitors additional inspiration.

Bed and Breakfast Israel - Lodging in Israel with a Unique Desert Experience

The surprisingly mild climate of the Negev Mountains that prevails throughout the year allows visitors to enjoy the bed and breakfast accommodations all year round, and each season has its unique attractions. Since rainfall in the area is sparse, visitors can embark on jeep trips or excursions in the Negev on foot, bicycle, or on horseback all year long. Each spring the desert is filled with wildflowers in an astonishing array of red, yellow, and purple. During the summer months visitors can bathe in the private pools adjacent to the zimmers and enjoy the lush fruit trees. In autumn the sky is filled with fascinating cloud formations that bring an occasional surprising desert shower. Weather during the autumn months is ideal for hiking and exploring the desert. During the autumn and spring millions of migrating birds fly over Israel on their route from Europe to Africa, and can be seen in the sky over the farm.
Carmey Avdat Farm is open to visitors throughout the year, and offers Bed and Breakfast accommodations and tours of the winery and wine tasting for individuals and groups.


Carmey Avdat - Bed and Breakfast Israel Bed and Breakfast in the Negev of Israel
Carmey Avdat Farm - The Bed and Breakfast Israel Deal

Bed and Breakfast Israel: From Sleeping Bags to Luxurious Accommodations

Country lodging in the form of bed and breakfast accommodations has developed extensively in Israel in recent years. Bed and Breakfast accommodations began to spring up in many areas of the country where comfortable lodging was previously unavailable. The new B&B accommodations in the moshavim and kibbutzim offered Israelis from the cities and tourists from abroad an opportunity to visit popular nature spots and enjoy the panorama in outlying areas of the country. B&B Israel catered to people who preferred inexpensive but comfortable lodging facilities as opposed to camping outdoors.

The first bed and breakfast accommodations offered in Israel were relatively Spartan rooms with beds, an adjacent bathroom and shower, and minimal kitchen facilities. The cost of rural lodging in B&B Israel was therefore significantly less than the price of hotels.

Bed and Breakfast Israel – A New Alternative to Hotels

B&B Israel has undergone many changes, and bed and breakfast accommodations are now a favorite alternative to hotels for people seeking luxurious and romantic vacation accommodations. B&Bs in Israel now offer visitors luxurious facilities including Jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, fully-equipped kitchens complete with espresso machines and appliances, plasma TV, and home entertainment centers. Today's bed and breakfast accommodations are located in attractive settings, are beautifully and tastefully designed, and are constantly offering more and more luxuries and novelties. The prices for B&B Israel have consequently risen with the increase in quality. They are often more expensive than hotels, but offer guests unique opportunities to explore outlying areas of Israel far off the beaten path.

Bed and Breakfast Israel - More Locations:

Carmey Avdat Cabin Dining Table Carmey Avdat Breakfast Israel
Carmey Avdat Bed and Breakfast in Israel

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Golan Heights

There are dozens of B&B Israel accommodations on the Golan where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee from the heights and experience the unique panorama of the Golan. Many of these bed and breakfast lodgings are adjacent to the skiing slopes on Mount Hermon and are an ideal place to stay during skiing holidays in the winter. Visitors to the Golan will enjoy the cooler temperatures on the heights during the summer. Hikers enjoy walking along the many springs and rivers that flow all year round. The Golan is also known for its fine wines, and many of the wineries offer tours and wine tasting.

B&B Israel at the Golan Heights

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Upper Galilee

The upper Galilee is one of the most beautiful areas in Israel and has a wealth of tourist attractions, historical sites, and national parks. Bed and breakfast Israel accommodations are located throughout the kibbutzim and moshavim in the Upper Galilee. Vacationers enjoy the lovely panorama of the mountains and hills, and use bed and breakfast lodging in the area as a base while enjoying local attractions such as kayaking on the Jordan River, rappelling down the Manara Cliffs, and hiking through the national parks and along the scenic rivers of the Jordan, the Banias and the Dan. Adventurous travelers have a choice of a jeep tours and a variety of excursions by tractor or on horseback along the beautiful nature trails.

B&B Israel | Upper Galilee

The Galilee has been a center for olive cultivation and production of olive oil since ancient times. During the months of October and November olives are harvested and brought to the presses and many festivals and events take place during the olive harvest.

Visitors who seek a truly unique experience are invited to visit one of the many Druze villages in the Galilee. Many Druze families have opened their homes to visitors and tourists, and offer B&B – type lodging, genuine Druze cuisine, and tours of the villages. Visitors to the Druze villages will get a taste of the delicious ethnic dishes as well as warm Druze hospitality.

B&B Israel - truly unique experience

B&B Israel - The Galilee restaurants

The Galilee has dozens of restaurants off the beaten track – many of which feature homemade dairy products and cheeses. The vegetarian community of Amirim near Mount Meron has its own unique philosophy and cuisine. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it!

The city of Safed is nearby. Safed is steeped in Jewish history, and visitors can spend hours wandering through the alleyways, touring the many synagogues, and exploring the many artists' galleries. Safed is also well-known for its annual festival of Hassidic music.

B&B Israel | Upper Galilee Restaurants

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Lower Galilee

TThe lower or southern Galilee is an area rich in historic, archeological, and religious sites. Zimmers in the kibbutzim and moshavim in the area are ideal vacation spots for tourists exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Zippori and the Christian historical sites. The Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee and the city of Nazareth are the places where Jesus lived and walked. The many churches in the lower Galilee are visited by pilgrims from around the world, but these sites are fascinating to visitors of all faiths. Among the sites sacred to Christianity are Kfar Nahum, the Mount of Beautitudes, Tabcha, Korazim, the Church of the Multiplications, and Nazareth.

The area around the Kinneret is rich in historical sites from the time of the first Jewish pioneers who established the first settlements in the area such as Degania, the first kibbutz at the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee. The lovely area on the shore of the Kinneret is described in the songs of Naomi Shemer and the poems of the beloved poetess Rachel. The gravestones in the old cemetery of Kibbutz Degania tell the story of the many Jewish pioneers who built their homes there over a hundred years ago.

B&B Israel | Lower Galilee
B&B Israel Accommodations | Carmey Avdat Farm

B&B Israel – Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Western Galilee

The Western Galilee is only a 40-minute drive from Haifa, but has a unique panorama and atmosphere. There are dozens of bed and breakfasts scattered throughout the kibbutzim and moshavim in the Western Galilee that are ideal for quiet, romantic vacations as well as serving as a base for sightseeing in the area. The beautiful northern beaches of the Mediterranean, the coast town of Nahariya, the ancient city of Acco, the crusader fortresses of Yehiam and Montforte and the stunning limestone grottos at Rosh Hanikra are nearby. The city of Acco is a fifteen-minute drive to the south. Within the walls of the old city of Acco are the Byzantine Halls of the Knights, an underground tunnel built by the Templers, a Turkish bathhouse, and a colorful Arab market. Tourists who visit Acco can stroll along the ancient port, walk along the tops of the walls of the old city, and dine at one of the many fish restaurants on the waterfront. Today Acco is a unique city with an integrated population of Jews and Arabs.

B&B Israel | Western Galilee

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Carmel

The Carmel mountain range extends from Haifa to the town of Zichron Yaakov and is one of the scenic forested areas in Israel. Hundreds of varieties of wildflowers bloom on the slopes of the Carmel in spring. Despite the fact that it is not extremely high, Mount Carmel has a panoramic view of the Haifa Bay to the north, the Mediterranean to the west, and the Jezreel valley to the east. Visitors to the many bed and breakfasts in the area can hike or cycle on the many paths in the Carmel forest, visit the wineries in Zichron Yaakov, and tour the Druze villages of Usfiyyeh and Daliat El Carmel.

B&B Israel | the Carmel area

B&B Israel – Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Eastern Valleys

The Jezreel Valley and Beit Shean valley are home to many historical and archeological sites. There are many zimmers in the kibbutzim and moshavim in the area. Visitors to the valleys can hike, swim at Gan HaShlosha National Park, and visit the spectacular reconstructed ruins of the ancient city and amphitheater of Beit Shean.


B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Coastal Plain

The many Bed and Breakfast Israel accommodations on the coastal plain are ideal for visitors looking for a quiet place to stay near the center of the country in convenient proximity to Tel Aviv and the surrounding suburbs. Dozens of zimmers are situated in the kibbutzim, towns, and moshavim of the coastal plain close to the beaches of the Mediterranean. Bed and breakfast accommodations in this area also cater to people doing business in the center of the country who prefer quiet lodging rather than the large hotels in the cities. Guests at the many Bed and Breakfast Israel accommodations in the area enjoy the quiet of country lodging, while driving only a short distance to enjoy the active night life of Tel Aviv – "the city that never stops."

B&B Israel | the Coastal Plain

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Jerusalem Area

Jerusalem, Israel's capital city, is sacred to Jews, Christians, and Moslems, and has a wealth of sights and attractions. The Old City with its Jewish, Christian, Moslem, and Armenian Quarters, the museums, markets, and churches, all make Jerusalem a unique city. Bed and breakfast accommodations in the Jerusalem area offer visitors a quiet and scenic alternative to accommodations in large hotels in the city center. Many are conveniently located in suburbs such as Modi'in and Ein Kerem and are only a short drive from Jerusalem. Many walking and cycling paths have been paved through the forests and parks in the hills surrounding Jerusalem. There are also many boutique wineries that have sprung up in the area in recent years that offer tours and wine tasting.

B&B Israel | the Jerusalem Area

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the area of the Dead Sea

Visiting the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, is a unique experience for Israelis and foreign tourists seeking to take advantage of the sea's many healing qualities and balmy climate. Bed and Breakfast Israel accommodations in the kibbutzim near the Dead Sea offer guests the serene atmosphere of country lodging that reflects the quiet and majesty of the surrounding desert. The many spas on the shore are frequented by Israelis and foreigners alike who are eager to take advantage of the healing qualities of the Dead Sea waters and minerals. The popular Ahava cosmetics that are sold throughout the world are made from the minerals found in the Dead Sea.

B&B Israel - Nahal David and Nahal Arugot

Hikers in the area wander along the riverbeds of Nahal David and Nahal Arugot with their rugged cliffs and lush vegetation. These freshwater springs flow in the heart of the desert throughout the year. The nearby caves at Qumran are the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, but the most famous archeological site in the area is the majestic and legendary fortress of Massada, where a handful of Jewish zealots chose death rather than be conquered by the Romans. The entire settlement at the summit of Massada, including King Herod's Palace, has been reconstructed and people visit the site to relive the heroic tale. The summit of Massada can be reached by cable car, or rugged hikers can climb to the top by way of the steep "snake path."

B&B Israel | the Dead See Area

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Negev Highlands

The mountains of the Negev Desert have a unique panorama that is found nowhere else in Israel. The area has a wealth of fascinating geological formations as well as archeological and historical sites such as the giant Ramon crater, the ruins of the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat, and colorful riverbeds that wind through the hills and mountains. Many of the zimmers in the area are located on moshavim and farms along the ancient Spice Route and Wine Route that were used by the Romans and the Nabateans more than 1,500 years ago.

There are many oases nearby such as springs of Ein Avdat and Ein Akev, which have water flowing throughout the year.

The Negev Highland - David Ben Gurion

David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, lived a simple life as a kibbutznik with his wife Paula in their desert home at Kibbutz Sde Boker. Ben Gurion's original cabin has been retained exactly as it was from the 1960s and is open to the public. David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula are buried at the Ben Gurion Institute nearby and the site overlooks the breathtaking view of Nahal Zim. His life and ideology are an inspiration to many Israelis who visit his home and grave.

B&B Israel | the Negev Highlands

B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in the Arava

The Arava, or the prairie of the southern Negev is a valley flanked by the mountains of Jordan on the east and the plains of the Negev on the west. B&B Israel accommodations in the area range from luxurious wooden cabins with all the latest facilities and accessories to mud huts and Bedouin-style tents. The Arava has a wealth of wildlife and geological wonders. Guests staying in bed and breakfast lodging in the area can tour the nature reserves, the ancient mines at Timna, and enjoy the beaches of the Red Sea in Eilat that is only a short drive away.


B&B Israel - Bed and Breakfast Israel in Eilat

Eilat is well-known for its warm, desert climate and year-round sunshine. There are luxurious hotels all along the beachfront, but visitors who prefer the quiet and seclusion of bed and breakfast accommodations in Israel can also find them in Eilat. The Red Sea and its lovely beaches are enjoyed throughout the year by Israelis and tourists from abroad. The coral reefs off the coast of Eilat are teaming with unique fish and marine life that can be viewed while snorkeling, sailing in glass-bottomed boats or through the large windows at the underwater observatory. Visitors to Eilat enjoy its bustling night life in the many clubs, discotheques, and restaurants along the beach. Many of the restaurants feature Red Sea fish on their menus. Eilat is an ideal place for setting off on tours of the surrounding Negev desert or to Jordan and Petra.

B&B Israel | Eilat